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Frequently asked questions

What About My Pharmacy Labels?

Pharmacy labels are the #1 reason why most boxes get damaged. You do not have to remove the pharmacy labels yourself. Please leave them on so that the boxes aren’t damaged in the process. We professionally remove them and shred them in-house. If you want to exclude your info, please carefully mark it out with a felt tipped sharpie (being careful not to mark the box as it can devalue the item)

Do You Buy Open Boxes?

No, sorry we can not buy opened boxes or used strips. Boxes must be sealed and in good condition. Open boxes will be discarded and thrown away.

Is It Legal To Sell My Test Strips?

Yes! Diabetic test strips are an OTC product and there is no regulation on the resale of OTC products.

How Long Does It Take To Get Paid?

On most occasions, we will pay the same day we receive your strips at our office. Paypal, Zelle,Cash App,and Venmo payments are usually same day but there could be a 1-2 business day delay depending on order volume. Business checks are issued the same or next business day we receive your test strips and take 5-7 business days to arrive.

What if My Box Is Too Damaged?

Please confirm the condition of the boxes are you sending in before sending them. We do not be return boxes that do not qualify for our buyback program and they will be donated. We encourage you to educate yourself on the conditions we accept before filling out a form to avoid this. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us beforehand by clicking here to visit our contact page

What Expiration Dates Are Required To Get Full Price?

Right now, all test strip boxes must expire on or after January 2024

If date is before January 2024 upon arrival of your shipment, the item will qualify for 50% of listed price.

We can not accept products that expire within the next 90 days.